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Move the light, not the fiber

3D MEMS Optical Circuit Switching for Software Defined Data Centers and Transport Networks

The ADARA-CALIENT Demo SDN Transport Packet Optical Integration Solution


The SDN Transport-POI (Packet Optical Integration) solution from CALIENT Technologies and ADARA Networks offers an answer to the most important yet unmet need in networking – the latency and capacity of the WAN.

The New LightConnect™ Fabric V-Pod Data Center

LightConnect-Fabric-Thumb-web-200The new LightConnect™ Fabric V-Pod Data Center can significantly improve server and storage operational efficiency, resulting in big reductions in data center capital investment. Powered by CALIENT’s S-Series Optical Circuit Switches and the new LightConnect™ Fabric Manager, the V-Pod architecture allows expensive compute resources to be reallocated and shared between Pods in the data center.

The New LightConnect™ Fabric Manager

Dashboard-web-200The LightConnect™ Fabric Manager provides software management of the dynamic optical layer in OCS-powered LightConnect™ Fabric networks. Core functions include a Topology Manager and a Cross-Connect Manager.The Fabric Manager also maintains a consolidated dashboard summary with operational status of all optical circuit switches including alarms, events, and port utilization levels.

The New SDN Transport & DCI Network

Deploying CALIENT’s Optical Circuit Switches at the edges of MAN/WAN networks between vendor and domain boundaries allows Service Providers and Data Centers to virtualize all of the resources in their optical transport networks. This means that the substantial operational and economic benefits of multilayer optimization can be realized today, independent of network and vendor domain boundaries including legacy networks.

The New Generation S-Series Optical Circuit Switch Family

The new switch is optimized for data center applications and features dramatic size and power reduction. The S-Series family has been deployed in the worlds largest cloud data centers and media production networks and builds on CALIENT’s success in Tier 1 Service Provider networks. Available in 320×320 (S320) and 160×160 (S160) port versions, the S-Series product line is the highest density all-optical switch family in the industry.